EEMY Greek English

for blood pressure measurement in the office, at home
and with ambulatory monitoring

, December 2013)

A&D TM-2420 Model 6*
A&D TM-2420 Model 7*
A&D TM-2421*
A&D TM-2430
Advantage Medical Reaserch Daypress 500*
Cardiette BP One
Disetronic CH-DRUCK*
Disetronic Profilomat*
IEM Mobil O Graph (version 12)
Meditech ABPM-04
Meditech ABPM-05
Meditech card(X)plore
Microlife WatchBP O3
Petr Telegin BPLab
Schiller BR-102 Plus
Novacor DIASYS Integra*
Save 33, Model 2*
Schiller BR-102*
Spacelabs 90202*
Spacelabs 90207
Spacelabs 90217
Suntech Medical AGILIS
Suntech Medical OSCAR 2
Terumo ES-H531*
Tycos Instruments QuietTrak*
* Devices that have been discontinued
For measurement in the office
For measurement at home