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Hellenic Society for the Study of Hypertension
Sponsored by Novartis
5-6 May 2006
Hotel Divani Apollon Palace, Kavouri, Αthens


The First European Cardiovascular Forum will provide a unique opportunity for European experts to discuss optimal management across the complete cardiovascular disease spectrum. This meeting, led by scientists at the forefront of cardiovascular disease, will enable in-depth discussions among all attendees on a range of topics crucial to effective cardiovascular disease management.


Timing Proposed topic Discussion points
12.00-13.30 Welcome Buffet
13.30-13.40 Welcome
G Stergiou (Greece)
13.40-13.50 Welcome from Session
L Ruilope (Spain)
M Weir (USA)

13.50-14.20 Evolving Therapeutics of CV Risk Management
TF Lüscher (Switzerland)
  • Critical milestones in the development/refinement of BP lowering
  • Changing treatment goals, including focus on BP as a CV risk factor and importance of BP lowering
  • Discussion of multifaceted approach to successful CV protection
14.20-15.20 Meeting the Challenge of Successful CV Treatment
R. Schmieder (Germany)
R Heine (Netherlands)

  • Overview of CV risk epidemiology
  • Current perceptions of CV treatment success
  • Key factors to consider in CV treatment success
15.20-15.50 Coffee Break
15.50-15.55 Welcome from Session
L Ruilope (Spain)
M Weir (USA)

15.55-16.25 CV Risk Assessment and Reduction - Future Perspectives
L Ruilope (Spain)
  • Evolving developments in the evaluation/measurement of CV risk
  • Role of surrogate markers as indicators of treatment success
16.25-16.55 CV Risk Assessment and Reduction - Today's Tools and Limits
JM Mallion (France)
  • Perspectives on achievable CV risk reduction with established and newer therapeutic options
16.55-17.25 Point-counterpoint
L Ruilope (Spain)
M Weir (USA)

Treatment perspectives

  • Variance in patient/physician definitions and expectations of CV treatment success

Discussion of optimal use of current tools for CV risk assessment

17.25-17.55 Q&A Session  
17.55-18.10 Close/summary
19.00-22.00 Reception and Dinner
Timing Proposed topic Discussion points
08.00-08.30 Breakfast
08.30-08.40 Welcome from Session
L Ruilope (Spain)
M Weir (USA)

08.40-09.10 CV Treatment and Successes in the US
M Weir (USA)
  • To review the current status of CV treatment strategies and successes in the US
  • To discuss similarities and differences in CV treatment strategies between the US and Europe
  • To examine future directions in CV risk management strategies
09.10-09.50 What Constitutes CV Treatment Success - the European Perspective
M Brown (UK)
  • To review CV management strategies and successes in Europe
  • To discuss the determinants of, and barriers to, optimal CV risk management and ways in which these might be targeted
09.50-10.30 European Guidelines: ARBs in post-MI/HF as a case in point
A Maggioni (Italy)
  • To discuss European guidelines and perspectives on CV risk management
  • Using ARBs in post-MI and HF patients as a case study, review how management strategies and guidelines have evolved
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-11.30 Point-counterpoint
JM Mallion (France)
TF Luscher (Switzerland)

Guideline Dissection

  • Guidelines and the direction they provide to achieve target BP control
  • Representation of patients with increased CV risk in current guidelines
  • Guideline target BPs - an evolving story
  • Synergy between guidelines and clinical treatment practices/strategies
11.30-12.15 A Futuristic View of Developments in the Prevention and Management of CV Disease
A Nathwani
  • Review ongoing and prospective research initiatives
  • Discuss the potential role of new agents across the CV continuum
12.15-12.45 Q&A Session  
12.45-13.00 Close/summary
13.00-14.30 Lunch
14.30-16.00 Breakout Session

Improving Compliance/persistence - Are We Doing Enough?

  • Impact of treatment recommendations on compliance/persistence in different regions
  • Tools/practices for maximising compliance/persistence
  • Key stakeholders in effective compliance/persistence programmes
19.00-23.00 Reception and Dinner


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